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NPF2 Architecture

From their succinct answers - like a series of rapidly drawn sketches - it seems that NP2F, the collective of Parisian architects, prefer designing Sessùn’s showroom in Paris (just one example of their work) to answering our silly questions. Nevertheless, Nicolas Guérin and Clementine Valadié kindly agreed to our request and submitted their answers.

Your mantra?


What is your best memory of a past collaboration with Sessùn?

The opening night of the shop we designed for Sessùn on the rue de Charonne. It was only then that we truly realised the power of combining of our creative universe and Sessùn’s.

What were the best 20 Euros you’ve ever spent?

Betting on a football match between OM and Liverpool. The odds were 16 to 1. OM beat Liverpool 1-0.

What superhuman power would you like to possess?


When would you like to have been born, ideally?

The Italian Renaissance in Florence.

Why do you think Sessùn has that strange little accent on the letter “u”?

To give it a south of France accent.

What question would you hate to have to answer?

If what we do is functional. It’s a well-known fact that architects only create what is pleasing to the eye!

What would be your Sessùn soundtrack in just 5 songs?

Keedz Stand on the World

Balthazar Decency

The XX Intro

Pachanga Boys Time

Laurent Garnier Out Futur

Name three words to define Sessùn.

Pleasure. Craftsmanship. Emma.

Interview : Sébastien Carayol Photographe : Mélanie Elbaz