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Ma Pie

Mapie, Sessùn’s official caterer, first met Emma Francois eight years ago. Mapie assures us that it was love at first sight. Ever since then, Mapie’s tagines, creme caramel and fennel salad have become part of a culinary repertoire where her authentic cuisine brings Sessùn friends together.

What job would you’ve hated?

Being a technocrat. Just thinking about it makes me want to die of boredom.

Your mantra?

Eat well, laugh ofen, love a lot.

What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?

Going to have a picnic on top of the Luberon hills and remembering to take with me the stuffed cabbage leaves I prepared yesterday.

Describe your perfect day.

Waking up early and full of energy, then going for a walk in the hills. Cooking for most of the day while listening to the radio. Preparing dinner for my kids and then getting dressed to go out. Perhaps putting on either my Sessùn party clothes or some crazy fancy dress out t to suit the theme. Then taking food I’ve prepared to share with my friends and enjoying a moment of happiness, dancing, music and friendship.

What is your best memory of a past collaboration with Sessùn?
The last time we worked together. Part of the photo shoot for this book took place at my mother’s B&B, the Villa Saint Louis in Lourmarin. It‘s a place that is full of stories and good memories. I cooked for the Sessùn team, then we all had lunch together around the kitchen table. The sun made the glasses sparkle, everyone laughed, and we had a great time.

What were the best 20 Euros you’ve ever spent?

My rabbit fur hooded jacket, the one everyone tries to steal from me during one of our dinners where plenty of alcohol gets drunk.

One thing in life that’s cruelly underestimated?

Peeing outdoors in nature, when you really need to go.

What superhuman power would you like to possess?

Teleportation. I quiver with excitement imagining the vast array of possibilities this would bring.

When would you like to have been born, ideally?

Ancient Rome. Living in toga and sandals, dining on amingo tongues and roast boar, while lying on a bed with a cup of magic potion to hand.

If you were a city or a country, which would you be?

Chantilly in France or Gruyere in Switzerland. Sweet or savoury, that would depend on my mood.

If Sessùn were an anagram, what would each letter stand for?

Sobre (understated), Epuré (re ned), Sublime (beautiful), Sexy, Unique, Natural.

Why do you think Sessùn has that strange little accent on the letter «u»?

Just so you ask me that question.

What question would you hate to have to answer?

A question that you haven’t asked me yet.

What would be your Sessùn soundtrack in just 5 songs?

Marianne Faithfull The Ballad of Lucy Jordan

Everything But The Girl Walking to You

Baxter Dury Other Men’s Girls

Tunng Bullets

Nicolas Jaar A Time for Us

Name three words to define Sessùn.

Elegance, Harmony, Happiness.