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Vanessa Bouziges is an international globetrotter who navigates her way between design, graphic design, fashion and fine art. She’s always had a very close relationship with Sessùn since the beginning of Sessùn’s South American adventure back in 1996. Vanessa eventually settled in Casablanca, where she devotes her time to making jewellery and contemporary tapestries. She’s still as passionate about what she does, taking inspiration from local craftsmen rather then simply copying their ideas.

What job would you’ve hated?

Steelmaking: too heavy, too hard, too hot! Or, come to think of it, being a surgeon. I can’t stand the sight of blood.

Your mantra?

Just breathe.

Describe your perfect day.

Any day, where dancing and laughter are part of it.

What is your best memory of a past collaboration with Sessùn?

There’s so much that’s been memorable! I loved the period when we used to do exhibitions with Sessùn and the Muesli art collective. These were moments of a great exchange of ideas and creativity.

What were the best 20 Euros you’ve ever spent?

Buying raw wool in a souk to turn into a piece of art.

What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?

It’s not time to get up already is it? OK then, let’s go!

One thing in life that’s cruelly underestimated?

Casablanca’s architectural heritage.

What superhuman power would you like to possess?

The ability to expand time.

When would you like to have been born, ideally?

1958. So that I would have been 20 in 1978 and lived through punk and disco.

If you were a city or a country, which would you be?

Vanezuela (haha!)

If Sessùn were an anagram, what would each letter stand for?

Sublime, Elle Surfe Sur Un Nuage. (Beautiful, she surfs on a cloud)

Why do you think Sessùn has that strange little accent on the letter "u"?

It’s the southern French accent - it has to be that.

What question would you hate to have to answer?

"Is that your real hair?" or "What make are your shoes?"

What would be your Sessùn soundtrack in just 5 songs?

La joueuse by Corinne Marchand (soundtrack to the film Cléo de 5 à 7)

En ciel de lit by Brigitte Bardot 

La Célébrité by Jeanne Moreau

La Ballade de Johnny Jane by Jane Birkin

Pas mal pas mal du tout (soundtrack of the film Anna)

Name three words to define Sessùn.

Cool, Quality, Chic.

Photographie : Mélanie Elbaz