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Our Ethic

#1 A new look at materials

A new look at materials 

Since the creation of the brand, the choice of materials has always been really important to us, their quality, their appearance, their richness, their unique nature, and also their composition. 

Today it is our duty to question ourselves on the impacts of these choices.  

Every day new studies make it possible for the fashion industry to become more aware of the environmental impacts linked to synthetic fibres, such as polyester, polyamide and elastane. There are impacts in terms of extracting the materials (use of fossil resources) and also in terms of their use and end of life (microfibers contribute to polluting our seas and oceans in particular).  

In response to this problem, we have decided to act in two different ways:

-By reducing the quantity of synthetic fibres in the brand’s clothing, with a preference instead for materials of natural origins, collection after collection.

- and by increasing the quantity of recycled synthetic fibres used, starting with polyester, the recycled alternative for which is of a very high quality. At the same time we are carrying out research to identify suppliers of recycled polyamide and are monitoring Lurex and elastane recycling initiatives. To ensure that we are consistent in our approach, this commitment extends to include the cellophane wrappings around our clothes during transportation, with a view to replacing them with recycled and recyclable materials.