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Our Ethic

#3 Preserve the textile know-how

Protect endangered textile-based skill and know-how

As she has travelled, Emma François has become increasingly aware that textile-based skill and know-how is disappearing in some countries, either because it is no longer being passed on to the next generation or because it has been abandoned in favour of more modern techniques. However, these skills are a reflection of the wealth and incredible diversity of knowledge.  

So we have set ourselves the mission of exploring and rediscovering old techniques each season, and to teach our customers about them. As a starting point, our teams plan to create an inventory of all of the techniques used by the brand to date, and then to re-use traditional textile skills to showcase this ancient know-how. They also plan to organise in-store workshops to teach techniques such as quilting.   

The other element to our mission will be to support organisations who work to preserve traditional textile skills that are disappearing.