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Our Ethic

Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution movement brings together key international fashion players, brands, designers, boutiques, opinion leaders, manufacturers and also enlightened and responsible consumers with a view to transparency.

The aim of this global movement is to encourage textile businesses to consider the manufacturing conditions of their products in the hopes of developing a fashion industry that is more respectful of both its workforce and the planet.

In response to the consumer question #whomademyclothes, the company needs to ask itself questions in order achieve a more detailed overview of the entirety of its supply chain, thereby becoming more responsible. By showing that behind each piece of clothing there are human beings, each with a story to tell, by questioning production logistics and processes, the movement is hoping to make the fashion industry worthier and nobler.

We wanted to share our experience with you within the context of this movement.

Since the founding of Sessùn, we have always been extremely keen to ensure that our production is managed in an intelligent and fair way, in workshops that operate on a human scale.
Today 60% of our production is created using fabrics that are woven in Europe, primarily in France and Italy. Garments are created in Tunisia or eastern countries and the rest of the production is entrusted to factories, based on their traditional and territorial characteristics.

Delocalised, yes, but to a limited degree and in a way that is respectful of local skills and working conditions, as the idea is to collaborate with craftspeople and industries who have unique skills, but share our ethics.

This approach has given rise to a huge number of partnerships and we form a tightly-knit group with our producers, which has been the case since the brand’s inception. These lasting relationships make it possible to work with mutual respect and confidence, and also allow for progress and innovation.

The Fashion Revolution project and the #whomademyclothes hashtag makes it possible for us to promote textile workers at each stage of the production chain. By revealing their faces, giving them a name and telling their story, we are honouring them and are asking questions of ourselves and, little by little, we are making progress.

The full team of the hosiery factory, in Trainel, in France, where we produce 100% of our socks.

Both Aurora and Berta are veterans at the familial factory in Portugal where we produce all the jersey fabric like, for example, our best-seller dress, Selina. They’ve been working with us for many, many years. They are both highly skilled and versatile seamstresses. Aurora mainly works on detailing application, like all those beautiful Sessùn buttons and other embellishments that require great precision, and Berta can competently execute any garment, no matter the complexity and fabric.

We have used the same supplier for the past 15 years. This is testimony to the great craftsmanship in the workshops of Porto.

Wanlihua is working for 3 years in our china factory where we produce our silk fabric or delicate fabrics like viscose as there is a genuine historic skill base there, as most silk originates from Asia. Wanlihua is working of the back control department, in charge of packing juste before the shipment to Marseille.