27 / 07 / 2017

Alice Reynaud from Électro Pétanques

Alice Reynaud  from Électro Pétanques

We interviewed Alice Reynaud, founder of the Électro-Pétanque aperitifs. She talks to us about this wonderful adventure, and her long-standing friendship with Sessùn.

The best projects are often « family affairs ». Alice Reynaud, founder of the Électro-Pétanque aperitifs (an equivalent to French Bowls at Happy Hour), that she created with her sidekick, Thomas Sardou, is living proof.
It was in 2008, as part of a call for entries for the « Extra des Nuits Sonores », an electronic music festival, in Lyon that Alice Reynaud, events creator, came up with the idea of this huge unifying event. Its aim was to bring together lovers of French Bowls and great music and at the same time provide a bar within arms reach to help keep everyone refreshed.

Why did you and Thomas Sardou choose French Bowls as your concept?

Thomas comes from Marseille, so French Bowls has always been part of his life. The same goes for electronic music.
As for me, I was more attracted by the music, in every shape and form.

Where have these Apéro-Bowls already been held?

In Lyon to begin with, then Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille and Avignon, mainly at bowling clubs or out-of-the-ordinary public spaces.

Do you have a funny or quirky anecdote about one of these events?

When a crew of drag queens unexpectedly turned up to a tournament in Lyon! They handed out love notes to all the layers, the DJ honoured them by playing a really electro-disco track: « I Feel Love / Dennis Ferrer ».

Has the concept run out of steam over the past ten years?

I don’t think so as the festivals keep asking us back, and the public can’t get enough of us!

Have you managed to revamp things?

It’s difficult to revamp a bowling tournament! But we have tried to expand it, with games for kids and a neo-food stand.

How do you see the Électro-Pétanque aperitifs in five years?

I would like to add a network of small festivals, I’d like to keep the whole thing pretty intimate and emphasize quality, developing it in new cities like Nantes, La Rochelle, Montpellier and Annecy.

What would your dream Électro-Pétanque aperitifs be like?

Laurent Garnier on the decks , Berlin collectives, and also Polo & Pan, it’d be perfect. Guests would be: Moustik, Katerine, Frederic Lopez, Florence Foresti and Édouard Baer! There’d be all kinds of cheese , great beers and rosés and champagne, of course. And fireworks for the grand finale!

How did your meeting with Emma / Sessùn go?

I met Emma in Lourmarin a few weeks before the Yeah! festival, we’ve got a lot of mutual friends, it went really well.

How would you describe your collaboration?

It’s a sweet story, a sweet encounter. I admire Emma a lot. I admire her courage, her creativity and her open-mindedness.

How are the universes of Sessùn and the Électro-Pétanque aperitifs linked?

We tell a story to the people: there’s Marseille, music, epicureans, esthetes, party-goers.

Which particular piece of Sessùn clothing or accessory do you love?

A pair of heels, a little leather bag and a navy-blue blouse that I have with me, come-what-may.

Describe Sessùn in 3 words?

Chic, delicate and simple.

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