28 / 04 / 2012

Let me introduce you: Audrey

Let me introduce you: Audrey

Last week, I took advantage of my flying visit to Marseille to have a quick chat with Audrey who works in Sessun's sales and marketing department.

Job at Sessùn ?

I work in our head office where I am in charge of sales and marketing: restocking, exchanges, distribution, after-sales service logistics, shipping. I also respond to any customer queries I find on our website or on our blog asking where can I find Sessun? or I need a new button for a jacket I bought 2 years ago.

How did you discover Sessùn ?

 I think I bought my first Sessun pieces in 1999: two big flecked wool jumpers. I was living in Orleans at the time, but it wasn't long before I left the north of France to move down to the sunnier south. When I arrived in Marseille, I started working at Kulte with Serge and Anthony (a great learning curve!). Then I was introduced to Emma. She was looking for an assistant, and I needed a job. And that was 10 years ago.

What are your favourite pieces in the current collection ?

I can't decide between the LINDA FARELL jumper, the BENGA blouse, and about 25 other pieces!

What is your favourite place to hang out ?

The Marseilleveyre hills the view of the city is amazing, day and night, it's constantly changing. This place reminds me of good times and happy memories.

What’s on your current Ipod playlist ?

Olle Nyman- Heart&Soul

Jet – Are you gonna be my girl

Patti Drew – Fever

Esther Phillips – Try me

Carlos - Senor météo

The country you would love to visit ?

The whole of the USA, from top to bottom.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

New York. And you?

Photo © Sessùn