23 / 07 / 2012

We Love : Beach House

We Love : Beach House

Today we're talking music with Emma.

We haven't had any music reviews on this website for ages! But I have to say, this never-ending winter we've been having in Paris has not helped in the slightest! We've all been huddled up inside listening to old soul and jazz classics like Esther Philipps and Billie Holliday, over and over again.

But now that summer looks like it is finally round the corner, it's time to look out for some new music. There has been lots of good stuff out recently so it was hard to choose.

But I finally decided upon Beach House and their latest album Bloom. It has already been two years since their last album Teen Dream came out. I must have listened to that album hundreds of times over and I'm still not tired of it. (In fact the track Silver Soul must be one of my all time top 10 favourite tracks). So I was desperate to hear their new album. The first time I heard it I was swept away by the soft, dream-like melodies and magical universe that is highlighted by Victoria Legrand's beautiful voice.

I am now a true fan.

Try and get hold of a copy asap!!