15 / 08 / 2015

Focus on Marseille - Interview

Focus on Marseille - Interview

Emma François shares her favourite adresses in Marseille with Galeries Lafayette Magazine.

Choose three adjectives to describe Marseilles ?

Unruly, turbulent and hot-blooded.

Your favourite restaurant ?

The Santa Bongo, rue Sainte, for Tania’s inspired cooking.

The most beautiful café terrace in the city ?

The terrace at the Abbey bar. It might not be the most beautiful but it’s definitely the nicest. It’s perfect for a having a drink while watching the sun go down.

A place everyone should visit when in Marseilles ?

The MUCEM, the Cité Radieuse designed by Le Corbusier, and the Panier district.

The ideal hotel to enjoy the city ?

The Casa Honore guesthouse, which is located halfway between the old port and the beach. It’s a former print shop that has been turned into a modern riad. It’s designed around a lovely central courtyard with a pool.

The ideal place to escape the city ?

The ‘calanques’ (lit: inlets). There are no two ways about it. Their beauty is breath-taking. You cannot help but be overwhelmed by the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.

Your favourite spot for going out at night ?

During the summer I like going to ‘Banquet Moderne’ organised every Thursday night by Mix Bouche on the roof at the Terrasses du Port. There’s always great food and great music to dance to !

Your secret address in Marseille ?

The Figuier, located in Saint Giniez district. I go there for a massage by Muriel and to enjoy the calm. It’s a haven of peace and relaxation and is part of an old Provencal farmhouse.

A local speciality ?

Pannisses. Traditionally made pannisses can be bought at the port of Estaque but you can also find them in Endoume at the Bar de la Relève. They are made of deliciously deep fried chickpea puree. They’re very rich and completely addictive!

Your favorite shopping places ?

L’Empereur is a must. I can spend hours in there as well as in their other shop that specialises in work clothes. Then there is Egg, on rue Sainte, for their poetic and well-chosen selection of vintage clothes. Finally Honoré Déco, rue Sainte, I love the mix of traditional craftsmanship and modernity.

Your favourite beauty address ?

Mademoiselle, the perfect nail salon.

The perfect outfit for a weekend in Marseille ?

A Breton striped top and a flared denim mini-skirt.

The best beach ?

The Baie des Singes. It’s a small cove where you should book a mattress on the rocks. It feels like you’re somewhere very exotic. I also really like the beach at Marseilleveyre.

Photo © Sessùn