03 / 01 / 2015

Learn more about Sessùn

Learn more about Sessùn

Because some of you came to us wondering where our products were made.

When we manufacture Sessun clothing, we like to employ local craft skills and know-how in the process. Yes, we do outsource, but in a way that makes sense. For example, we have our cottons embroidered in India and our silks made in China…

We are proud to have maintained a long and sustainable working relationship with some of our suppliers. Some of them have been working with us since the Sessun label began.
We would like to thank these suppliers for their belief in us and for having followed and supported us during those difficult early years.

60% of Sessun’s clothing is produced using fabrics sourced in France and Italy and then these are made up into garments in Tunisia and Romania. We hope to maintain this balance. And also continue ensuring that 100% of our accessories (buttons, zips etc.) are of European origin.

Our denim, hosiery, socks and belts are all manufactured in France.

For our T-shirts, 25% of the fabrics are produced in Porto, Portugal and we have used the same supplier for the past 15 years. This is testimony to the great craftsmanship in the workshops of Porto.

Our flower-print fabrics are synonymous with, and produced by, the one and only Liberty of London. We have never been tempted to move over to other less expensive flower-prints, as the quality just doesn’t compare.

We also manufacture some of our fabrics and our silks in China, as there is a genuine historic skill base there, as most silk originates from Asia. Manufacturing in China, in responsible and ethical factories, enables us to use fabrics and finishes that we could not afford to produce in France. Sadly, the silk manufacturing industry no longer exists in France, except at the very top of the range and for haute couture.

We are well aware of the ethical problems posed by outsourcing the manufacturing of garments overseas. But we also want to be completely transparent and open when it comes to our clothes labels. The deceit of ‘finishing’ a garment in France that has been manufactured in China in order to label it “Made in France” makes our blood boil. Yes, we outsource some of our manufacturing, but we do it in a considered, intelligent and respectful way. And above all, we endeavour to strengthen our close economic ties with French suppliers!