02 / 10 / 2015

Portrait : Jeanne

Portrait : Jeanne

I recently caught up with Jeanne who has just arrived in our headquarters in Marseille.

Job at Sessùn ?

I work in the design department. I assist Emma with developing the new collections. We create mood boards and put together colours and fabrics. We also meet suppliers. I draw sketches and show them to Emma. Then she decides which designs to have made up. It's really great to have pattern makers and seamstresses working alongside us: we can see what the end result will look like almost immediately.
I’m also in charge of ordering all the fabrics and sundries (buttons, zip, braids...) for the collection.

How did you discover Sessùn ?

I started working at Sessùn in January. I was working in Paris and decided that I wanted a change. I also wanted to go back to the south of France. I got in touch with Emma and arranged a meeting. She just happened to be looking for an assistant stylist so a few months later there I was in Marseille! I’ve always wanted to work with Emma so it was like a teenage dream coming true! I’ve followed Sessun for 10 years. When I was at high school I used to go to People's Rag in Montpellier to buy Sessùn clothes.

What are your favourite pieces in the current collection ?

From this winter’s collection I love the Angelo camel shorts, the Wicklow cable knitted jumper, the Lea dress and the Upton checked coat.

What is your favourite place to hang out ?

I don’t know all the great place to go in Marseilles yet, but I do enjoy going for a drink on the roof of La Friche and having dinner and a game of petanque at La Passarelle.

What’s you current favourite song ?

It depends on the day and on my mood! Today I’m listening to "Wegue Wegue" by Buraka Som Sistema.

The country you would love to visit ?

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia ... In fact all of South America!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

I don’t really know. 10 years is a long time. But whatever I’ll be doing, I’ll be doing it with a smile.

Photo © Sessùn