25 / 09 / 2012

Let me introduce you: Marion

Let me introduce you: Marion

It's time to introduce you to the lovely dark-haired Marion who works in the Sessun office.

Job at Sessùn ?

I'm a design and production assistant. For each collection I am in charge of putting together the production files with all the technical guidelines that then get sent to our different manufacturers. I make sure that these guidelines are closely followed by the manufacturers. I regularly send them our comments and keep an eye on colour and fabric details, for example. My job enables me to work alongside Emma in the design studio as well as with Thierry, our production manager. It's really interesting to be able to work with different people.

How did you discover Sessùn ?

When I was a student in Avignon I first came across the Sessun boutique in the Rue Joseph Vernet and that was where I bought my first Sessun pieces. I've still got the knitted top I bought there; it has a lot of sentimental value. And now I'm a hardcore devotee!Last year I was lucky enough to spend three months in the Sessun office in Marseille as an intern. And now I'm part of the team!

What are your favourite pieces in the current collection ?

This season I'm mad about the ANIELLO jumper, LAKELAND jacket, ELLROY shoes, and lots of other pieces.

What is your favourite place to hang out ?

Summer in Provence. It is where I grew up, and the quality of life is amazing.I find the smells and the atmosphere there very calming.

What’s on your current Ipod playlist ?

James Yuill - “This sweet love”

Aetherlone – ”Not a dance”

Citizens! – ”Reptile”

BreakBot – ”By your side”

The Rapture – ”Miss you”

The country you would love to visit ?

India, no two ways about it!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

I prefer not planning too far ahead... the best time in our lives is now!