15 / 07 / 2015

Sélection Musicale : C.A.R. for Sessùn

Sélection Musicale : C.A.R. for Sessùn

For Sessun, C.A.R. has opened the door to her universe with a refreshing selection of summer favourites.

C.A.R. (Choosing Acronyms Randomly) is the project of Chloé Raunet, formerly singer of London band Battant and co-host of the Latete Atoto show on NTS Radio.

Last November Kill The DJ released C.A.R.'s debut full length 'My Friend', a record exploring pop in all its forms, moving between post-punk, synth pop, krautrock and psychedelic disco.

Since then, she's been busy touring Europe and working on her next album.

Keep your eyes peeled : on July 27th a special, limited edition live cassette will be available on .

Click here to enjoy C.A.R. summer's favourites for Sessùn :ùn.

Photo © Michael Kelly