19 / 11 / 2015

Sélection musicale: Camp Claude

Sélection musicale: Camp Claude

It’s now the turn of the band Camp Claude to share with us their musical selection.

Camp, for the nostalgia of summer times, Claude, the evocative universe and reflections of Diane Sagnier. The group is above all the result of the artistic hunt and creative fusion of songwriters Mike Giffts and Leo Hellden. Created in Paris, this union transcends borders and genres. Between France and America for her, England and Sweden for them, this clever mix of beats and vocal sensuality has guided their work since the beginning. After releasing the much acclaimed EP Hurricanes, the band just announced the release of their very first album in 2016.

While finishing this first release, Camp Claude found some time to make this cool mixtape, thanks Diane & the crew.

Click here :ùn.
Photo © DR