19 / 05 / 2016

Sélection Musicale : Narumi Herisson

Sélection Musicale : Narumi Herisson

It’s now the turn of Narumi Herisson of Tristesse Contemporaine to share with us her musical selection.

Narumi Herisson was born in Tokyo. She's a member and founder of the band Tristesse Contemporaine whose two albums were both immediately praised among the music scene and critics. Raw and minimalist, mesmeric and melancholic, their music seized the hazes of shoegaze and krautrock.

Narumi is actually on tour with the french singer Jeanne Added and she's working on her solo works. The third album of Tristesse Contemporaine is almost ready and will be released in November 2016.

For this poetic and colored mix, she have chosen some japanese gems from the 80's, some soundtracks and R&B from the 80's, her own unreleased track and some of her new favorites. She pays also her humble tribute to one of her favorite artists ever: Prince.

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Photo © Flavien Prioreau.