19 / 12 / 2016

Sessùn 20 ans : Mi-Yeon

Sessùn 20 ans : Mi-Yeon

We asked the photographer Mi-Yeon to work on a photoshoot for our project « Sessùn 20 years ». Here’s the way she views the world of Sessùn.

In her own words, 27th march 2016

This series was my first collaboration with Sessùn. Their graphic designer, Laurent Richard contacted me because he liked the design aspect of my book I and Thou. I and Thou is a reflection on “I ”, the notion of ego, and how connections can be made between a sum of “I’s”. In short, I screen printed photographic images onto washi paper, then re-shot them keeping in mind my two main inspirations: the 1923 book by Martin Buber I and Thou, and Eastern philosophy. I think this project fits in well with the spirit of Sessùn, because it heralds a call to love, freedom, travel, and a certain timelessness.

Photo © Mi Yeon