29 / 11 / 2016

Sessùn 20 ans : Ola Rindal

Sessùn 20 ans : Ola Rindal

We asked the photographer Ola Rindal to work on a photoshoot for our project « Sessùn 20 years ». Here’s the way he view the world of Sessùn.

This was my first collaboration with Sessùn. How did I go about approaching this commission? Let’s just
 say that I wanted to capture the feeling and convey
the aesthetic and creative spirit of Sessùn. For me,
 the fundamental idea was very simple: to go and see Marseilles for myself and search out the elements that helped inspire the creation of the label – to find ‘the source’ where it all came from. That’s really what I wanted to translate into my own visual language, as a photographer and artist.

Ola Rindal, 4 mai 2016

Photo © Ola Rindal.