08 / 06 / 2016

Sessùn Guinguette

Sessùn Guinguette

Although we all love Paris, we sometimes forget to say it or to show it. That is why Sessùn now invites us to renew our devotion to France’s capital city. What could be more symbolic than to revive the spirit of the guinguette in order to make this declaration of love truly genuine?

In the heart of our Permanent Pop Up store, the flame of love will ignite with an exhibition-event that will make you want to whistle Josephine Baker’s Paris Chéri as you walk the streets of the city.

A collection of clothes and objects and other little bits and pieces to embellish a lover’s stroll along the "Bords de Seine" as sung by Astrud Gilberto and Etienne Daho.

From June 8th, 2016 at Sessun’s Permanent Pop Up store, 32 rue de Charonne, Paris.

Photo credit : Sessùn.