14 / 02 / 2014

Portrait : Thierry

Portrait : Thierry

Let me introduce you to Thierry, Sessun’s production manager, who works in our offices in Marseille.

Yes, you read it right, he’s a man and he works for Sessun! He’s not particularly forthcoming, but that’s probably due to the fact that he works in an office surrounded by women.

Job at Sessùn ?

I work at Sessun’s head office in Marseilles where I’m the production manager. My job entails buying the fabrics, overseeing manufacturing etc

How did you discover Sessùn ?

13 years ago through a fabric sales rep who knew Emma.

What are your favourite pieces in the current collection ?

Even though I can’t actually wear it myself, I love the KIOWA coat.

What is your favourite place to hang out ?

A restaurant called Le Local – a great place for drinks, friends and good times.

What’s on your current Ipod playlist ?

U2,U2 and more U2 but also Bruno Mars, and for an oldie like me, Barry White.

The country you would love to visit ?

Canada, specially in the winter.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

I never like thinking that far ahead, but I really hope at Sessun.